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PVC stretch film

PVC stretch film
PVC stretch film

PVC stretch films are highly water vapour permeable and have excellent permeability values for oxygen and carbon dioxide. This keeps the packaged food fresh and crisp longer.

Our machine films are suitable for all packaging machines used in the market. We only use high quality films made from Western European production which satisfy all legal requirements concerning food conformity and migration.

Different specifications

  • Thickness: 8 μ–16 μ
  • Width: up to 950 mm
  • Length: up to 3,000 m
  • Migration factors: 1–4
  • Customised packaging and labelling

Different varieties: machine film, refill rolls, cutter boxes and high quality perforated films.

Perforated films come with a high quality slot perforation. This always ensures that the individual sheet can be separated easily. Perforation intervals are possible up to 900 mm.